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Hi! I'm Angie. 

We are a family owned and family operated business, basically I am a one women show. My passion for lash extensions began 16 years  ago, when I first started wearing them and completely fell in love. I had some really great experiences and also some bad ones going to various artists to get mine done and this is what drove me to decide that I needed to know EVERYTHING there is to know about lash extensions.


Fast forward 11 years, when my husband and myself bought a tanning salon, we had our first child and my husband received a phone call that he will be deployed for the next 10 months(thank you for your service). At this time, I found myself so lonely and just needed to fulfill the void of him not being around. I decided one day that it’s time for me to pursue my passion and take a lash class. This class was overwhelming and exhausting. I had felt so defeated when I left, I for sure thought I was giving up, but I couldn’t. I practiced day in and day out until I finally felt the confidence to take on my very first client. This was six months after my training. She knows who she is and I thank her for her patience with me as my first set took me almost 3 hours, boy was I sweating. Just like anything though, practice makes perfect. Months and months go by and our business grew, so much that I couldn’t keep up I had to figure out how I was going to keep running our salon, take care of our son, and keep up with our growing new business by myself. I decided that evenings was best for me to work and weekends or whatever my clients needed, whatever worked best for them.


Getting more comfortable with this, I decided to let’s add another service! Microblading came around and this intrigued me, I just had to take this on. I took this class early January 2017, and again felt defeated, cried on my way home from class and thought, no I am going to master this I just have to.


Here we are, months later and our business just keeps growing and I feel so thankful. Thankful that I have something I can wake up and do what I LOVE, be with my son everyday, even though this can be a challenge in itself and just thankful for you (my clients) that have stuck by us through the hard times with my husband being away, moving appointments around and working with me while our son is not in daycare. Our kids drive me to strive for perfection and succeed, that it makes doing what I do much more easy for me and strive to continue to do what I love! I was leery on making our business public because every single one of my clients has been a referral. But, I decided it’s time to welcome new faces into our lives.


We are ready to take on more and more clients and for that I feel blessed.  Please know that we treat all of our clients like family, and that is why I shared this story because I know how it can be to be nervous to go somewhere new and be 100% clueless on whom that person is, what they’re all about, and so on. Be prepared, we’ll laugh, we’ll spend hours together and I promise that we will take the best care of you.


Thank you so much, and we look forward to meeting you all.

- Angie

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